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Company Profile

With her particular obsession in fragrance, Ms Siripan Chansevikul came up with an innovative idea of producing fragrance products that could be used daily for both women and men to make bodies smell nice and fresh, thus increasing confidence in everyday encounters.

Under her Fresh Body Company Limited Deodorant Wipe was first launched in (year) for domestic consumption in Thailand. It is a pre-moistened wipe used as an underarm deodorant. What makes it special and different from other products of similar kind is that;

Other than being just a pre-moistened used after shower, it can also be used during the day to wipe away dirt and sweat as it is deigned not only to effectively mask malodor but also to reduce underarm perspiration, which causes bacteria and unpleasant smells.

It contains natural fragrance extracts, which give nice and unique smells. The package is designed for easy use; can be carried in pockets for modern and hectic life styles.

The Company has also planned to produce other fragrance and cleansing products including antibacterial shower cream, cleansing soap gel for women’s hidden spots, and moiturizing lotion, with its own distinct quality and smell.